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Many claret and sky blue jerseys dotted the seats, but one in particular stood out for a few reasons. The man behind the benches sported a No. 10 Paolo Di Canio shirt. As his first step in this search, Chargaff set out to see whether there were any differences in DNA among different species. After developing a new paper chromatography method for separating and identifying small amounts of organic material, Chargaff reached two major conclusions (Chargaff, 1950). First, he noted that the nucleotide composition of DNA varies among species.

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Men walked through the Sound Techs parking lot in Lufkin and saw a bicycle on the back of a Jeep, the Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers press release stated. They walked away, but a moment later one of them, the one wearing a blood donor T shirt, went back for the bike. He quickly disconnected it from the Jeep carrier and rode southbound along South First Street to meet his friend.

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