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Germany’s Kohl say EU ability to absorb migrants limited

OGGERSHEIM, Germany, April 19 canada goose clearance (Reuters) Hungarian Canada Goose online Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a fierce critic of German Chancellor Angela Merkel open door refugee policy, and her ex mentor Helmut canada goose factory sale Kohl agreed on Tuesday it was questionable whether Europe could continue to Canada Goose sale absorb canada goose store migrants indefinitely.

Orban and Kohl issued a joint statement after the right wing Hungarian leader paid a rare private visit to the 86 year old Kohl, architect of Germany 1990 reunification and a major driver of European integration in the 1990s.

Orban meeting with Kohl, 86, who makes uk canada goose only rare public appearances and is largely wheelchair bound, stoked speculation that it was meant as a snub to Merkel and that Germany foremost elder statesman disagrees with her course.

Trying to Canada Goose Coats On Sale play down talk of any such rift, the Kohl Orban canada goose uk outlet statement said they and Merkel shared the overall objective of alleviating uk canada goose outlet the humanitarian emergency represented by migrants but signalled differences over how to tackle the challenge.

is complete agreement on the goal, the two said in the statement issued by Kohl office after the hour long Orban visit to the conservative Christian Democrat longtime home in Oggersheim near the Rhine river in southwestern Germany.

is about a cheap Canada Goose good future for Europe and peace in the world. The efforts of (Merkel) point in the same direction.

But, they added, many people can Europe sensibly take in and in the end integrate? And what happens canada goose uk black friday to the remaining millions of people in need around the world who cannot flee?

Critics say Merkel decision last year to let in Syrian Canada Goose Online refugees without restriction contributed to the arrival of more than 1 million asylum seekers in Germany the great majority of those reaching buy canada goose jacket cheap European Union territory in the last year.

HUNGARY SLAMS DOOR TO REFUGEES By contrast, Orban government canada goose coats on sale has built a razor wire fence on Hungary border with Serbia and Croatia to keep out mostly Muslim migrants, citing the need to help safeguard Europe Christian civilization.

In a column published on Sunday in Berlin Tagespiegel daily, Kohl said he did not think the EU could integrate millions of canadian goose jacket refugees. solution lies in the affected regions. It does not lie in Europe. Europe cannot become a new home for canada goose black friday sale millions of canada goose people in need around canada goose uk shop the world, he wrote.

Merkel has acted of late to deter an uncontrolled influx of migrants into cheap canada goose uk the EU and defuse intensifying criticism from her conservative Bavarian coalition ally and the public at large.

Last week, she agreed to require migrants Canada Goose Jackets granted residence rights to show willingness to integrate by learning German and seeking work or see their benefits cut. Her government has also introduced steps to buy canada goose jacket speed up processing of applications and Canada Goose Parka deportations of those refused permission to stay.

Neighbouring Austria as well as Balkan countries have also sealed their borders against undocumented migrants, cutting their overland route from Greece to Germany. The migrant flow has since ebbed and the pressure on Merkel has eased.

She appeared relaxed about Orban visit with Kohl, saying the two had known each other a long time Canada Goose Outlet and the talks were and useful

Orban presented Kohl with a Hungarian language version of the former chancellor homesite Canada Goose Outlet https://www.canadagooseoutlete.com book of canada goose coats Concern for Europe

Kohl governed from 1982 to 1998, during which the Berlin Wall fell and Communism collapsed in eastern Europe.

Merkel was his protege in the 1990s but their relations cooled after she called on the Christian Democrats (CDU) to canada goose clearance sale break with their warhorse over a party funding scandal. Since then, Kohl has voiced doubt about some of Merkel policies, including her handling of the euro zone debt crisis.

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48 people rescued from stranded tram cars in franconia

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